*Lives and works in Zurich and Horgen, Switzerland. 

*Works across several media, including painting, sculpture, text-based art/notes, drawing. He has been making art since 2015.

*Takes inspiration amongst others from: Louise Bourgeois, Gérard Schneider, Pippa Garner, Andy Warhol, Thomas Hirschhorn, Ida Ekblad, Pia Fries, Ser Serpas, Klodin Erb, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Sophie Jung, Pedro Wirz, Leo Orta, Alex Da Corte, Tom Sachs, Candice Breitz, Ursula Palla, Theo Triantafyllidis, Julian Charrière, Esther Eppstein, Stéphane Zaech, Grégory Sugnaux, Mitchell Anderson, Marcello Concari, Ana Hofmann, Marius Steiger.



Kulturfonds Horgen: "Horgner Calendar 2024". Opening: Thursday, November 23, 2023, 6.30pm in the Schinzenhof foyer, Alte Landstrasse 24, 8810 Horgen



L200, Zürich, CH, On Fire Inside a Snowball

Group / Performance


"Des-Infection", Bahnhofplatz Zürich, shifting perceptions of a Covid19- disinfectant GUCCI branded bottle, drawing attention to consumer culture, brand affinity and the icon-worship of Western brand products in light of a rising global pandemic and possible mental implications due to the lockdown

“Survivor”, performance in front of Jimmie Durham, 'Alpine Substance on Wolfsburg Construction’, 2007 Part of the exhibition Potential Worlds 2: Eco-Fictions, Migros Museum der Gegenwartskunst, Zürich


Participation in Safety Zipped the Other Way, Studio Ai Weiwei Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin 



La Prairie As Seen By: Artwork, Oil on Paper and Photography for La Prairie


Participation in the art performance of Veli & Amos at Message Salon Embassy by Esther Eppstein during the Opening party of 25 Hours Hotel Zürich